Monday, October 15, 2007

Crisis averted

I love planning things. I love figuring out schedules and how each part will come together to make an event or trip turn out perfectly. I am a huge fan of the internet and especially appreciate all the websites that let me reserve and purchase the necessary components quickly. I don't like phones or having to talk to automated systems...unless the moment comes when disaster strikes.

There are 29 people on the "We're going to Pearlington in December" list. I've been purchasing airline tickest for most of them, there are some who are on the fence just a little. I bought 7 tickets last week and then purchased 6 this morning before heading to the High School, the bank and lunch. I came back and purchased 6 more. I checked the names, pushed the button and was printing out the itinerary when I spotted my mistake...I had purchased a ticket for the same person twice!!!!! My adrenline started pumping, I quickly hit cancel only to find out that I couldn't cancel it, my name wasn't on the list of passengers! OH NO!!!!

My mouse and I scrambled all over the website and found the Reservations number. I quickly dialed, became short with the automated answering service and minute, two minutes, three minutes until I heard a voice say "Hello, Mary at reservations."

"I've made a mistake!" I exclaimed, "I bought a ticket for the same person twice! Help!" Luckily Mary knew what to do. She pushed the right buttons on her end "Good thing you called quickly, it hasn't been ticketed yet." She pushed more buttons and then, the words that eased my panicked heart, "Okay, it's all taken care of, crisis averted."

I love planning things. I like making reservations on the internet. And today, I even like talking on the phone.


Anonymous said...

I know you don't like talking on the phone, lucky for the dad and Yo, mama, but wasn't it nice to have a nice voice on the other end. Now, why was it Mary and not Martha?

Yo, Mama

Brittany said...

Oh believe me it was very nice to talk to Mary...Martha must have been on a break! hee-hee