Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today I'm thankful for...

  • Books and down comforters
  • mornings with nothing to do
  • G.G.'s running water and hot shower...(yeah, bathroom remodels aren't fun)
  • 25 people saying "Yes!" to the Mississippi trip
  • People who are willing to work
  • Acorns in abundance and the crows that love them
  • Hamburgers and potato salad
  • Women in Mississippi willing to share their stories of Katrina in a book
  • Pictures from Mississippi that bring back memories and tears
  • The reminder that my temporary lack of running water is nothing and that my home repairs are taking far less time than some people in the Gulf Coast...I've got nothing to complain about
  • That Christmas is 72 days away, which means we leave for Mississippi in 73 days! Woo-hoo!

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