Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CD player

I have a love/hate relationship with my car's CD player. When it works, I love it...when it doesn't, well you know. The CD player is an in dash player capable of having 6 Cd's inserted at a time. I love that. I hate that the CD player likes to randomly take the Cd's hostage and not let me A.) play them or B.) get them out!

A couple of years ago the CD player decided to take the Cd's hostage and for almost a year I traveled around without a CD player. I finally broke down and went to see how much it would cost to replace it. Needless to say, I bought an Ipod and an Ipod car adapter instead because that would be cheaper. Then a year ago July my car battery died and we replaced the battery. I remember driving down the driveway after replacing the battery hearing a weird sound. It was the sound of the Cd's resetting. I quickly pressed eject and my beloved Cd's came flying out! FREEDOM!!!

I decided to only put Cd's in the player only after downloading them onto my Ipod after that. Which has been a good idea because the CD player will randomly choose moments to not shuffle correctly to the next CD, get stuck and say "CD error". Great. I've become quite adept at disconnecting the car battery, reconnecting it and resetting the CD player.

Last night a CD got stuck, almost out of the player but not quite. I was not in the mood to fool with it (I was coming home from Middle School Youth Group, enuf said). This morning I freed the stuck CD and noticed that CD #6 seems to not be in the player. Which is strange because I know that CD #6 is, in fact, still inside the player. I anticipate another round of disconnecting, reconnecting and more time listening to the radio in the near future. I am grateful for the few moments when the music I love flows through the speakers but sometimes this stuff just gets old.

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