Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dear Mr. Tree Guy

Dear Mr. Tree Guy,

I saw you today, in your big white truck with your big white trailer. I saw you stopped at the stop sign wanting to make a left turn onto a road without a stop sign. I was passing you as you started to pull out when the traffic coming from your left was clear, into a space that isn't a merge lane. I looked behind me and watched you as you cut off two cars. I continued to check on you as I drove down the road following the 45 mile speed limit and you continued to fall back, back, back, back, clearly going much slower than 45. The last time I saw you clearly, there was a line of 10 or so cars behind you, including the two you had cut off. I noticed that you weren't going to bother to pull over and let them pass; but then why would you do that when you clearly had some place more important to be one truck and trailer length in front of them? I also noticed that when you and the other 10 cars were stopped at the stoplight there weren't any cars coming up behind you for quite a while. Which I take to mean that if you had only waited just a little bit longer you could have pulled out safely onto the road.

I'm not sure why your rudeness bothered me so much today. I wasn't the one directly affected. Maybe it's because in the last couple of weeks I've noticed more and more people being rude while driving. You know, honking and getting frustrated with other drivers when they were following the rules of the road (Yes, I'm talking about you impatient man in truck who wanted me to risk having my beautiful car smashed to pieces by the big rig making a wide turn). Yes, Mr. Tree Guy, you are not the only rude, impatient driver out on the road. I'm sure I will find someone else to be bothered about tomorrow. But I can guarantee you, when anyone in my circle of family or friends needs tree work done, we will not be calling you. See, unlike all the other rude people in vehicles that I've come across in the past few weeks, you are the only one with your name and phone number so nicely painted on your truck. Thank you for that.

So, Mr. Tree Guy, I hope you got to where you needed to go. I'll be sure to make sure I watch out for you next time I'm on the road because I've seen you around before. And Thank you for reminding me that I need to be more careful in my driving. I certainly wouldn't want to have someone write a blog about my driving rudeness.

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