Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Home Again--NYWC Wrap UP

I love going to the National Youth Workers Convention. I appreciate hearing from a wide variety of speakers, I appreciate listening to people who have "been there and done that". I like hanging out with my friends until 2am in fancy gazebos at a hotel that looks like the back lot of Universal Studios and Disneyland combined. I like laughing with said friends, wrestling over things we've heard in General Sessions or Seminars and eating good food. I like sitting in a room with 3200 other Youth Workers knowing that each one of us is hearing something different but that God is still working. I love it when I figure out what God has been up to during all those moments combined. I dig the National Youth Workers Convention.

I don't dig coming home and feeling like I need to sleep for 3 days straight because I'm so stinkin' tired from having fun and learning. Ugh. This time I came home feeling like I was never really able to consistently connect to God through music either. There were only a couple times that I really felt like I had worshipped God through music. That's huge for me. Music is what tends to tie everything together and connect all the pieces in my life. It's like an essential element of worship got left out of the picture this time and I'm not okay with that. I'll deal, just not okay with it.

On another note, it was a little bizarre to be visiting San Diego in the midst of the wildfires. It was hard not knowing exactly where the fires were, how far they were away from where we were and all that. My prayers are with the people of San Diego and surrounding towns as well as all the firefighters who are doing their best to save homes, businesses and people.


Song Friend said...

With a year-and-a-half or so away from youth ministry, the NYWC is one of the things that I find I miss the most. But really, that had at least as much to do with hanging out with our peeps as it did with anything "official."

I do recall that some things from the convention took months to process. Keep at it, yo.

How were the bands? Was 4th Avenue Jones there?

Brittany said...

Bands...yeah. I really liked Shane and Shane and Phil Wickham. No 4th Avenue Jones but there was Family Force 5 the rock equivalent. Totally random but totally into it! Hawk Nelson was good as was Flatfoot something. Not a hip-hop fan so Grits wasn't my thing. Of course, for laughs Lost and Found is always my favorite and worshipping with David Crowder Band is awesome!

I did miss you though, song friend. Teasing Trowbridge just wasn't the same.