Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yo Momma and her bicycle

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. Staff Meeting, Youth Sunday, Bible Study, Worship Team Rehearsal, High School Group, I came in to work at 10am and left just a little before 10pm. Yes, it was a long day.

In the middle of the day my cell phone rang. I am not a phone person. I do not like the unexpected surprise of whoever is on the other end. Thus features like caller id make me a happy camper. This number, however, was not one that I knew and I was up to my eyeballs in details and decided "let whoever is on the other end leave a message." Mistake. The person on the other end was Papa Bear. He does not leave messages. Papa Bear was calling to tell me that Yo Momma and her bicycle had an encounter with pavement. And not an encounter with pavement that is approved by bicycle riders everywhere where the rider and bicycle stay in the upright position. No, Yo Momma and her bicycle had face to face encounters with the pavement.

See, there was a railroad track along this pavement. It runs next to the bike path they were riding on when a delivery truck blocked part of the path. They had to get veer over the railroad tracks. Then the delivery truck driver walked out into the path of Yo Momma and her bicycle. She successfully avoided them but when trying to go back over the railroad tracks the bicycle tire and the track had an argument. The tire lost, Yo Momma went flying and the pavement won.

Yo Momma's poor elbow suffered major damage. She will now set off metal detectors everywhere with the hardware that is holding her arm together. She's got a cast from wrist to upper arm and has nice little pills that make the pain stay back, back, back! And though I haven't seen it I'm sure she will have a pretty little scar from the "cute, nice and good surgeon" that put her back together again.

Yo Momma's poor children have a few more gray hairs but are sincerely grateful that she has always followed her own advice..."Wear a helmet when you ride a bike!"

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