Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is the week over yet?

It's been a long week. An extremely long week. Started with having to stand up for something I'm feeling strongly about which led to wondering if I'm doing the right thing, which led to being close to just giving up, which led to just feeling worn out. In between there was Middle School Golfland night, High School Baseball Game night, G.G's hospital excursion and 4th of July. Tired. Very, very tired.

Tuesday night after the Golfland night (which was fun and happy with 4 middle school girls) I got home and checked the mail. The mailbox and I have had a love/hate relationship going on ever since I started to drive. I've wiped it out on occasion. Tuesday night in my emotionally spent haze I completely forgot to close the door to the mailbox and wound up trying to pull the door off with my side mirror. Now the door to the mailbox won't shut at all. I tried to maneuver it a little and the whole mailbox came loose from the post. Guess I'll be taking it off tomorrow and fixing it. Yippee.

Wednesday was Baseball Game night. Fun time. We were it Big City for the game. Good news is we found parking for 10 bucks as opposed to the outrageous 30 bucks for nearby lots. Bad news is our team lost. Oh and the fireworks that were to happen after the game. Couldn't see them. Saw the fog turning beautiful colors though. Got home late, late, late.

Thursday I was up early, early, early to drive back up towards Big City. G.G. had a procedure with a heart doctor at Prestigious Hospital to see what's happening. Procedure started at 9am. She was done by 11:30. Took her home about 6:30pm. Long day in the hospital. Good news, nothing is wrong! I was exhausted by the time we got home at 9pm.

I woke up on Friday morning thinking it was Saturday and feeling very bummed that I was going to have to go to work the next day. DUH, it's Friday, it's the 4th, which means Firehouse Pancake Breakfast and Small Town Parade. Train Guy, Adventure Boy, K & N picked me up and we spent the morning being Small Town people. Honestly, I was a little frustrated with the whole parade thing. We were being good citizens and sitting on the curb where all the other people had their chairs lined up and people just came and stood right in front of us. RIGHT.IN.FRONT! What is wrong with people!!!??? We left the parade early. Not super impressed with the Small Town Parade crowd this year. My afternoon was spent watching the NCIS marathon and being very lazy. I think I finally found some peace in those few hours before heading over to G.G.'s for pizza and conversation.

Today I've been on a walk, had a pedicure and lunch with K and am now supposed to be putting things together for tomorrow's worship service before heading off to a movie with R-Girl. In the back of my mind are the million things that I need to accomplish this week and I'm getting more and more tired just thinking about it all. I'm ready for this week to be over, for a new week to begin and for an attitude adjustment in the middle.

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Presbyterian Gal said...

Cannot tell you what a relief in these parts that nothing is wrong with G.G.

Doin' the happy dance here!