Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today was incredibly hectic and busy. I heard myself say out loud at work "I can't get any work done here!" That sums it up.

Tonight was Ministry Team night which meant dinner at Sandy's with Jon-Boy, R-Girl, Adventure Boy, Train Guy and K followed by our meeting. Adventure Boy and Train Guy played outside while we talked youth stuff. When the meeting was over I went outside to stop the rock throwing game. Adventure Boy had lost one of his shoes somewhere in the backyard so Train Guy and I went around the yard looking for the missing shoe.

We sang this happy tune as we looked for the shoe:
"Going on a shoe hunt...gotta find a green one."

After a couple of crazy, hectic, challenging, hard weeks it felt really good to march around a yard, singing a silly song with Train Guy. We eventually found the shoe after many verses of our song and did a happy dance followed by a big round of applause. Oh, how I love these guys.

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