Monday, July 7, 2008


Like many people I know, I have allergies. I've never been tested (because that would involve needles and needles and I are not friends) so I don't know what exactly I'm allergic too. I've taken meds for my allergies for years and most days they work well. A couple of weeks ago when the smoke from the hundreds of fires burning in CA made it's way to this area I noticed that I was having a little more trouble breathing and just in general felt yucky. Smoke has moved on, though the fires are still burning, and I feel better.

I'm pretty sensitive to smelly things. I can walk in the house and know there is something rotten in the fridge. There are Sunday mornings when I try to avoid hugging particular people in the church who wear cologne or perfume because if I hug them, then I smell their perfume or cologne the rest of the day... surefire way to trigger a migraine. If something is really irritating my nose then I'm pretty positive that a migraine will soon follow. Having a best friend who is a chiropractor helps with those migraine things though. Adjustments are the bomb!

Today I've been sorting out items for our Clean-Up Bucket extravaganza. The PDA has asked for the buckets to be sent to people in the Midwest who are beginning the recovery process and I couldn't resist putting out the plea to Church folk. They've responded and now it's time to put them together and get them sent. In the process of sorting through the items I came across a bottle of detergent that wasn't closed very well. Didn't notice that, of course, until the detergent was on my pants. Lovely. Now I smell like detergent. My nose is telling my brain, "Not good!" and I soon may be heading home to change clothes because I can't afford a migraine this week.

This week in besides my normal Tuesday & Wednesday night youth group activities we have a Flea Market on Saturday and I'm preaching on Sunday. Oh and I'm preparing to leave for a week with students for a Conference in Southern CA the following week. Yes, busy is the name of the game. I repeat, I cannot afford a migraine this week.

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