Sunday, July 13, 2008

Church today

It was my turn to give the sermon today. We looked at Luke 5:1-11 where Jesus tells Simon to fish in the deeper water of the lake. The title was "The Kiddie Pool or the Deep End?"; my premise was that we spend a lot of our time in the Kiddie pool because it's safe--we know what to expect, how things are done and are rarely in danger. But Jesus is constantly calling us out of the kiddie pool to dive into the deep end--where things are a little bit more treacherous. It went well, especially at the first service...the Holy Spirit definitely showed up in that service. The whole service was joyful. There were a lot of hugs and laughter after the service which is always a good thing.

My favorite moment in the service was during children's time. They were talking about the optimal place to build a home. The Children's Director asked where the best place was to start building a home and without missing a beat Train Guy spoke up loud and clear and said "On cement!" The congregation loved it, even clapped at his answer. K said Train Guy's face lit up when everyone clapped. After they were through the kids left to go down to Kid's Klub as we were getting ready to take the offering. I made some comment about Train Guy knowing his stuff when it came to building and again he pipes up as he's going through sanctuary doors "I know about shovels too!" So stinkin' cute.

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