Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm not a natural camping type person. I don't like living in dirt and tents but I will do it ever so often just for "fun"...even though I don't find it as much fun as say a hotel. In the name of being a good Youth Director and saving money, though, I will deal with camping a couple of times a year.

This last week was one of those weeks. A small but happy bunch loaded into the car on Sunday afternoon and headed out on a Road Trip. Much laughter, singing, dancing and talking ensued. Our first stop was Lake Isabella for a two night stay followed by a two night stay in San Simeon. It was a good trip and I'm so lucky to have gone camping with this great group. Highlights from the Road Trip:
  • Playing at a ghost town...though we didn't find any ghosts...Sammy was a little scared.
  • Walking the trail of 100 giants and getting to play in the trees.

  • Battling the wind at Lake Isabella...the tent almost collapsed on itself a number of times, we lost the directions to the camp stove and a couple of tent poles cracked under the pressure.
  • Having a close encounter with a snake in the dark.
  • Losing things out of the bags on the top of the car on the way from Lake Isabella to San Simeon. Luckily they didn't hit the car behind us!
  • Stopping at the shop that claims to be the last stop of James Dean before he died.
  • Touring Hearst Castle, especially the pools. Oh those glorious pools.
  • Playing on the beach in Pismo.
  • Singing around the camp, um, smolder. Yeah, had a little trouble with that.
  • Lunch in Monterey at Bubba Gumps and playing at Denis the Menace park.

But perhaps the most exciting moment on the whole trip was when we spotted the zebras. Yep, zebras on the California Coast. Mr. Hearst used to have a private zoo on his property complete with bears and zebras. The bears are gone but zebras remain. We spotted them one day but they were too far away. Luck was with us though, when we saw them by the side of the road on our way out of town. We stopped to take pictures and by the time we left 30 cars were parked alongside the road as well. So, if you are ever traveling up Highway 1 in California between Hearst Castle and San Simeon State Park look towards the hills, you just might spot a zebra.

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