Monday, September 22, 2008

More birthday celebrations...

Tonight the worship team surprised me by gathering for dinner together in a mini-celebration of my birth. It was very nice, unexpected and appreciated.
Last night was dinner at my house with some fun people. Train Guy decided that I needed a dinosaur cake for my birthday, so he and Grammy B. made one. It came out quite well, don't you think.
Adventure Boy was especially excited about the fact he didn't want to stop with just one little piece. At one point after pointing and saying "Cake! Cake!" for many unheeded moments, he looked at the cake and said "I want cake!". He may not be stringing sentences together all the time, but when it comes to things he wants, Adventure Boy is pretty clear!

And then there's Yo Momma. A year ago we were in a quilt shop and I expressed my lack of appreciation for quilts made out of those things called yo-yo's. Really, they aren't my thing and I guess I was pretty vocal about my desire never to have a quilt made of yo-yo's. Didn't say anything about a clown though. Yo Momma has a good sense of humor.
So, my birthday is officially over, my 34th year has officially begun and I'm blessed beyond words with some amazing friends and a fabulous family!


Meg said...

This is my new fave post. I think it has everything to do with your happy birthday giddy grin. You are cute. This replaces the previous favorite B pic of you in a crown on Trin's page. I'm especially diggin' the sequence of the wine, wine, sippy cup. =)

Brittany said...

I tried to move the wine glasses out of the way, failed...did not even notice the sippy cup though!