Sunday, September 21, 2008

You say it's your birthday...

it's my birthday too! I officially turned 34 at 6 something this morning. Yippee! The only thing that is freaking me out has more to do with feeling like life is going to change this year and I'm not really sure how...but then again I never know what's really going to happen in life so I'll let that go.

Anyway, awhile back I told K that what I wanted for my birthday was a spa day. A day to get a pedicure, have a facial, lunch out and whatever else to feel pampered for a day. That day came yesterday because, well, I have a job that requires me to work on Sunday's. K, Meg, Lora and I started with coffee, went for pedicures, had a yummy lunch by the sea, wandered in a bookshop, went for facials, back for more coffee and ended with this movie:

It was a lovely day! Thanks ladies!

Today Yo Momma has something up her sleeve, so I'm sure there will be a couple of surprises and then tonight Adventure Boy, Train Guy, K and N will be over for dinner. I think maybe G.G. too. I'm feeling loved, appreciated and happy today.

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Presbyterian Gal said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!