Friday, August 21, 2009

From Yo Momma aka New Grandma

My parents aren't excited about being grandparents at all (insert heavy sarcasm). Here's what Yo Momma has to report from the front lines.

"M(aka New Sis) brought Payten out and handed her to me. Yipee, I thought. Then I walked out into the living room and guess who says, don't I get to hold her? So much for me getting to have her."
"I figured out how to get her back. I told grandpa that his dinner was ready and he gave her right up. So Payten and I went upstairs to read mystery books together. She slept through the whole thing. J (aka Lil Bro) thought she should wake up and be fed, so he took her away. Just really can't get a real good grandma fix when people keep taking her away."
Only two more days til G.G. and I get to meet her. Yippee!


Meg said...

Um hi. Just want you to know that I've actually already been in bed for a few hours tonight, but got up to put Bitty back to sleep... and could NOT resist... was SOOOO hoping you had posted new pics of Peyton to the blog and lookie lookie here we are in luck!!!

Brittany said...

So glad I could oblige! I'll have even more in a couple of days! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sammy's two Grandmas like to pick different days to come over so they don't have to play nice and share. Whichever Grandma is in da house doesn't have to pretend not to be a baby hog.