Thursday, August 20, 2009


Papa Bear finally got around to sending me some pictures, so I'll share them with you.
Yo Momma and her first grandchild by blood. She's got 4 grandchildren of the heart!

Lil Bro (New Sis is in the background). His comment to me yesterday was that he had a hard time sleeping on Tuesday night. He kept listening to make sure Payten was breathing and so far she's a quiet sleeper.
Payten. Full confession time, I saw this picture and burst into tears. My favorite teacher, Mrs. C. loved to tell the story of my Aunt C. who, when I was born, burst into Mrs. C.'s classroom and danced around saying "I'm an aunt, I'm an aunt, I'm an aunt." Consider this blog my burst.

Oh, this waiting to meet her thing is really, really hard.

Side note to Cathie Mc.: I fell hard and it's just a picture :)


Anonymous said...

Oh she is so cute! How weird to see JoeBen with a baby! Babies need all the aunties and uncles they can get, by blood or of the heart.

trinity said...

congrats! She is adorable