Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fire & VBS

The smell of smoke is thick in the air today. The fire that started on Wednesday night is far from contained and today the smoke has been blown inland, creating a haze in the air in our town. This picture is from Thursday night, the small blip in the sky is actually one of the helicopters that has dumping water on the blaze...the next picture is from today, looking in the same direction. It's just a haze of smoke.I keep trying to get a picture of the many helicopters and planes that have been flying over our house and either miss them or don't have a camera when they are flying overhead. Praying hard for all the firefighters on land and in the air working to get the fire out.

This has been Vacation Bible School week. We had a shack and a dock in the sanctuary. It was very cool. Train Guy and Adventure Boy were kind enough to pose for a picture...Grandma Ruby this is especially for you!
Train Guy was the one who got to go to Vacation Bible School this year. He was very intent on the music and was very, very upset one afternoon when his group missed the singing at the end of the day. He made me proud when he volunteered to pray for the group one day saying "Dear God, help us to have a good day today and for good snacks. Thank you Lord, Amen." He's a keeper!

On Thursday we were supposed to have a fire truck come and hose down the kids. Seeing as how they were otherwise occupied we made do with a sprinkler. At one point the smoke started billowing up the hill making for a dramatic picture.After I took the picture I turned around and spotted these two sisters, each on their own side of the parking lot.They look pretty comfy don't they? Love them.

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