Thursday, August 6, 2009

Musically speaking

NOTE: This started off as a rant and God turned it into something more constructive. Thanks, God.

I am a music person. I like to listen to music, I like to play music, I like to sing. It runs in the family. Yo Momma and G.G. are very musically talented as well. And Lil Bro has been known to hum a tune or two as well.

Lately, the music that I listen to has been limited. My in-dash CD player has eaten CD's and refuses to A.) play them or B.) spit them back out. Which leaves me with the radio or I-pod. The I-pod FM adapter has issues. If I hit any bumps on the road it cuts the power out, which cuts the I-pod off. Our roads are bumpy, thus, I tend to not use the I-pod very much which leaves the radio. In all the driving I've been doing the last month I've come to one definite conclusion about the choice of music on the stinks.

Yesterday, as the youth and I were traveling back home from SF, we switched between two radio stations and realized that we were hearing the same songs over and over and over again. I know, it's nothing new, it's been like this for ages, but it just bugged me anew. Why can't there be more variety? I love the radio stations that are playing "oldies" (aka 80's music. It's not that old and no comments about being in denial, people.) but they only play those songs for an hour and then it's back to the same 15 songs. Really? There are only 15 songs worth playing? I don't believe it.

It gets even worse because I refuse to listen to some songs on the radio, so then I'm switching stations all the time and really hearing those same 15 songs again and again and again. Radio is not my friend right now.

That is where this rant was originally gonna end. But then God reminded me of music that is good. Music that I love. If I could make my own radio station, I would play songs by this guy. This is Jared. He's 17. He has written, recorded, produced and distributed 4 CD's, the latest being this one:
It's available on I-Tunes, and on his website...all for free. My absolute favorite song on the CD is God Speak. Give it a listen! Jared is amazing and is a blessing to those of us who know him. God has seriously blessed him with a heart for songwriting and worship leading. One of these days I'm gonna say "I knew him when...". Way to go J-Rad!

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