Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big city, small town

Friday night in a big city. I was in town for a class that was running Friday night and all day Saturday. I could have technically driven home and back but chose to sleep instead and just got a hotel room. There was a fridge in the room, so in my wisdom I decided to head to the local grocery store after class and get some food for the following day. So there I was, at Safeway, in a big city at 9pm at night on a Friday and what did I see...teenagers everywhere. Literally everywhere. In the parking lot, in front of the store, in the store, sitting at booths (inside the store), in every aisle...what in the world?

The teens in our town complain that there is nothing to do. They are eager to get to a big city where there is "more to do". Makes one wonder...Why are the teens in this big city hanging around Safeway on a Friday night? Is there really not that much more to do in the big city than there are in the small town? Is there really no place better to go...or is the reason the teens hang around Safeway in the big city the same reason they hang around Safeway in the small town? Oh, I don't want to think about that.

And that fridge in my hotel room...yeah, it didn't work. Lovely.

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