Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Okay God,

How much more? I've asked that question of you for months now. It seems like a modern-day Job story is being written and the characters in this story are tired, done. They've been beat-up, overwhelmed, stripped bare and still there's more. It's time to start a new chapter...the chapter where things start looking better, where redemption is around the corner, where life begins to feel happy again.

The chapter that started today is just ugly and painful. Really, really painful. But then you were there, you heard the cries of anguish and despair. You listened to those little girls cry out in grief. You saw it all. I believe you are crying too. That's what keeps drawing me back to you, to my belief in your sovereignty. I don't think you would let any of them really go through this alone. I know that you were in that room, that you were crying too. It doesn't stop me from asking though...haven't they suffered enough?

I'm pleading, God, on their behalf, they have had enough. They need relief, a break, some joy, something good to happen, something miraculous (you know what I'm talking about). They need good news, great news even. Tonight, God, listen to the cries of those little girls, comfort their broken hearts, begin to bring healing to them and their momma. And God, please, enough is enough...bring them hope and joy again.

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