Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday night--Updated

And the house is quiet. Lil Bro, New Sis and Baby P were here this week. It was nice to have them around, even though life just kept moving along. They left this morning so it's a quiet house tonight. I have to say I already miss this face:But having a night to myself is good for this soul. I'm taking a my FINAL class for the Certificate in Youth Ministry I've been working on for a few years. It's a good class, but as I told K today, God always seems to push me towards classes that speak directly to whatever stage of life that I'm in at the moment. It wrecks me. Bad enough that it's school and I have to read text-like books and write papers and do presentations but the spiritual themes of these classes just push me to the edge. My emotions are right on the brink of spilling over.

So tonight, I'm taking the night off. I'm gonna read a book that is SO not about spirituality. I might watch a movie that makes me cry (Steel Magnolias or Life as a House always work) and I'm gonna enjoy the quiet. But I still miss this face.
UPDATED: Movie that actually made me cry: Armageddon. That scene where Bruce Willis' character says goodbye to his daughter...sobbed like crazy!