Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Five: On the Road Again

Needing a little bit of fun in the midst of life's seriousness:

Sophia at RevGalBlogPals says:

My family is heading out to my husband's parents for the weekend later today. They would have preferred that we come at Easter, but I preferred that my choir director not bring my life to an early end! (Five liturgies to sing between Thursday and Sunday, two with major solos). So Low Sunday it is.

Some Gals and Pals may have been able to travel to join family or visit a vacation spot last week; some who had to stay put then may be traveling this weekend; and, if I recall correctly, some lucky ones are heading out to the Big Event next weekend. Hence: a road trip Friday Five.

1. When was your last, or will be your next, out of town travel?
My last trip was to Mississippi just about a week's becoming my home away from home. Next trip out of town, but not too far out of town, is this afternoon for school. Final class for my Certificate in Youth Ministry. Yippee!! Overnight stay is in the cards for this one class ends at 9:30pm tonight and begins at 8am tomorrow. A happier Brittany pays the hotel fee and gets more sleep.

2. Long car trips: love or loathe?
It depends on where I'm going and who I'm with. Long car trips by myself or with good friends are lovely. Long car trips with youth, not so much.

3. Do you prefer to be driver or passenger?
Driver all the way. I'm learning to be a better passenger, but it's harder.

4. If passenger, would you rather pass the time with handwork, conversing, reading, listening to music, or ???
Listening to music and watching the world go by, interspersed with conversation.

5. Are you going, or have you ever gone, on a RevGals BE? Happiest memories of the former, and/or most anticipated pleasures of the latter?
Have not had the pleasure of joining in the BE event...yet!

6. Bonus: a favorite piece of road trip music.
Definitely not the song referred to in the title of this post though...Yo Momma used to sing that every time we went on a trip...she corrupted the youth group, now every time we get in the car they sing it to me too. Argh! Really, give me the latest Amy Grant CD and I will be happy camper...which by the way is this one: Shameless plug :)

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Anonymous said...

I didn't sing it to you as you pulled out of the drive way a few minutes ago. Lucky you.

Yo, Momma