Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do your family a favor...

I spent an hour with a friend today at a Funeral home beginning the plans for her husband's funeral. I have one thing to say to all of you blog your family a favor and let them know what you want. Make it clear. Buried or cremated. Open or closed casket. Church service, graveside service, informal gathering, clear. Donations or flowers or both. Fortunately my friend had a pretty good idea about her husband's wishes but it just clarified for me that it's time to be proactive and make my wishes known. It doesn't mean anything other than being prepared and sparing my family from having to make decisions in the midst of grief.

Tomorrow I'm gonna do my family a favor and write down my about you?


Anonymous said...

And then you need to update it every few years as things change and people move and praise the Lord you're still here. It's good to have a starting place though. Which reminds me I need to work on mine

Yo, Momma

trinity said...

Give her a big hug for me! Thanks for being such a good friend.