Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Five: Quick Pick Edition

Kathrynjz @ RevGals writes:

Greetings all!

We're in the midst of 'it' and I'm hoping that it is not just me who is starting to get a bit overwhelmed. So for today I am asking for five quick picks of things that are good in your life. 
And as a bonus, 1 pick for a thing you could do without.
If you want to describe them? Great.
If not? That's fine too.

Five good things in my life (this week):
1. Prayer with others and alone.
2. Friends who listen
3. A "way out"...cryptic but the one who provided will understand.
4. A convertible and air conditioning in unseasonably hot weather (seriously, last week we were on flood watch, this week it feels like the middle of summer.)
5. An afternoon with Adventure Boy.

Bonus:  Right now I could do without that anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach that just won't go away.  I just want answers!


kathrynzj said...

Praying for answers for you and that the way out continues to be a good thing.

Thank you for playing!

Rev. Pink Dragon said...

I like how you say, "this week"---isn't it true that good things come and go and what we focus on changes!

May the "pit feeling" be gone soon.

Wendy said...

I hear you on your bonus. Also--thanks be to God for friends who provide "a way out," whatever the situation.