Thursday, June 4, 2009

That's the night that the lights went out...

Last night just as we were about to begin youth group the power went out. The youth room is in what could be called the basement of the church on the side that doesn't have any windows. So when the lights go out it gets dark. Really, really dark. I just happened to have retrieved and replaced flashlights in the youth room the day before for just such an occasion so I opened the cabinet I was standing next too and grabbed a flashlight. Yes, I was a Girl Scout; always prepared is my motto. I'm glad I was prepared too because the emergency lights that are supposed to go on in the hallway on just such an occasion did not...another thing for the buildings and grounds team to check out!

I had no sooner turned on the flashlight and demanded of the one young man screaming hysterically (in that "I'm being funny pay attention to me" manner)** to shush when the power went back on. After being accused of creating the sudden blackout and demonstrating my inability to do so, we went on with the evening.

Games were played in the big hall with lots of windows, fun was had and we headed back downstairs. Everyone had settled into their places when the power went out again.*** This time it was darker. Hysteria ensued. Again, I was standing right next to the bookshelf that held the other flashlight...hhhmmmm. Knowing that this could go on all night long, we tromped into the room across the hall where the windows are and proceeded with the evening. Due to the nature of our discussion the boys went into one room and the girls went into another. About halfway through our discussion the lights went back on. But by that time we were so used to it being half dark that when the lights went on there was an immediate demand to "turn them off!"...but something else was happening too. A mood had been created, a gate had been opened and the girls were into what was happening. They were talking, participating, enjoying the discussion in ways that hadn't happened in a while. Twice the door was opened by boys and twice there was a demand to "get out! Girls only!". And then suddenly, one of the girls looked at me with that metaphorical light bulb lighting up over her head...wait a minute...the boys are going to hear our answers to these questions aren't they? Yep. And we're going to hear theirs? Yep. A tide had turned, our time in the dark was now done, it was off to see the light.

**One of the young women in the group kept saying "I don't like the dark, I don't like the dark" all the while covering her eyes with her hand. We all got a giggle out of that.

***And again I was unjustly accused of causing the blackout. Geesh.

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trinity said...

Yeah our power went out too, but we were playing Grog so no one cared