Saturday, April 2, 2011

And we're off!

This post will go "live" about the time our plane is set to take off from SFO heading towards Houston.***  I've got a lot of things that I'm hoping for this week.  I hope to be able to update as the week goes along, but in case I can't you can go to  There will be a link there to the Facebook site where pictures and updates will be put.

In specific order, things that I am praying about/anticipating/hoping for this week:

1.  A-ha moments for the youth.  For the vast majority this will be their first Mission trip.
2. There are a mountain of things resting on my shoulders right now that have the potential of tearing my attention away from what God wants to have happen on this trip.  I'm praying that my focus will be right where it needs to be at all times and not so focused on the future that I miss the present.
3.  Rest at the right moments.  My introverted self is very challenged on these trips.  Being with people 24/7 wears me out.  I'm praying for moments of solitude to recharge and find my center again.
4.  To reconnect with God.
5.  To be open to the experience, to new people, to the team, to learning, to just whatever is supposed to happen.

Most of all, I just want to do what God wants while being true to who God has made me to be.  Let the journey begin!

***Well, the scheduled time anyway.  It's 8:30am on Saturday and the plane is already a half hour delayed according to the airline website.  We aren't even supposed to leave til does that happen?

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