Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yo Momma sent a text message to me the evening after our first day of work...that would be yesterday...and said "the last group did bad work, u don't have the tools you need.  Sound familiar?".  Oh did that sound familiar.

My group started on Monday at Raymond and Rita's house.  They have a basement in their home that was flooded out after Hurricane Ike.  They are renovating it to do three different things.  One room will become a guest room to house who ever needs a safe place to stay.  One room will be a bible study room.  Another will be a meeting from for an AA group.  Of course, we didn't learn all of that the minute we walked in.  What we saw were newly sheet rocked walls, with mud that needed sanding down and a room that needed sheet rock put in.  That was the first glance.  The second glance revealed that the group that put the sheet rock up, well, didn't secure it very well in places.  Or they just didn't bother to secure it AT.ALL.  Mr. Ben in Mississippi would have put his foot through the wall a couple of times.  AAGH!

The stories we are hearing aren't that different from the stories I've heard in Mississippi.  There is no money, the helpers are all disappearing, the work is mounting and what volunteers do come through aren't always, well, given the help that they need.  The big difference this time is that supplies and tools are in abundance.  Partly cuz of money we brought with us, partly because there are two fully stocked, completely organized trailers full of tools.  YES!

The group has been working hard, eager to learn new things and having fun.  It's a good thing.  Pictures can be found on the Oasis Blog www.hsccoasis.blogspot.com

Tomorrow we will have a group at a Homeless Shelter, two groups doing sheet rock, another group painting and cleaning.  We will be busy!  Keep praying!

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