Thursday, April 21, 2011


Jimmy works at Cracker Barrel in Slidell, Louisiana.  We met Jimmy on Friday night after a long, hot days work.  It was close to 8pm and we were hungry, tired people needing refreshment on many levels.  Yo Momma, Jon-boy, Debbie and I were perusing the menu when Jimmy first approached to take our drink orders.  We were giving each other a bad time as usual and Jimmy got caught in the middle.  We also tend to be a bit needy at times and that was apparent as both Jon-boy and Debbie were much concerned with whether or not their meals came with biscuits.  By the time Jimmy got to my order he was quick to reply "and your meal comes with biscuits."  We were all laughing by the time Jimmy walked away to put our order in.

About halfway through the meal, Jimmy came out to check on us and leave the check, "I'm gonna leave the check now, because I tend to forget but I wanted to tell you all thanks.  I was having a bad night and was in a bad mood before y'all came in.  But you've made my night so much better!  I went back to place the order and one of my co-workers said 'Jimmy, what happened?  You are so much happier!' and I told them, it's that table of people out there.  They cheered me up!  So thank you for making my night better!  Come back and see me anytime.  I work all weekend."

I left Cracker Barrel that night shaking my head.  It happens all the time on these trips.  One person gets caught up in the whirlwind that is our group and they are a good way.  The joy that comes from serving other's is contagious.  The joy that comes from following our passion spreads.

We didn't see Jimmy again.  Maybe we will the next time we are in Slidell.  Just happy to be a blessing that Friday night in Cracker Barrel.

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