Thursday, August 25, 2011

These days

This not having a job thing isn't a hardship.  At least not right now.

All last week was spent in Tahoe, pretty much doing nothing.  It took about 5 days for my mind to settle down, my soul to rejuvenate and my body to recoup.  Yo Momma had volunteered to babysit Miss P during the day, so around 7:30am she would arrive and the fun would begin.  Did I mention that she turned two?  Yeah.  The terrible two's are upon us.  The meltdowns were impressive.  They didn't work, but they were impressive.  She is kinda cute though.

Friday afternoon and unto the late night hours were spent slaving over the cake on your left.  Miss P's birthday party was Saturday and there had to be cake!  It went pretty quickly, despite having to mix color after color after color.  I'm contemplating taking a cake decorating class sometime soon.  It could be fun.

The weekend was filled with family, party, bike riding and friends.  Not to mention the book reading and quiet time.  Tough times.

The part I'm not enjoying, as much, is the time to think, ponder and wonder.  After 12 years of being constantly busy, this time to let down is reminding me of things I've left undone, unfinished, regrets and so much more.  It was much easier to ignore all of that when I was constantly planning for the next thing.  God and I are doing a lot of talking about days gone by.  Guess that's a good thing, right?

The part that I'm relieved about is the lack of worry about what's next.  Others are doing enough worrying for me!  :)  I'm enjoying the time to relax, be free of job stress and take in views like these every so often.

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