Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I think I found the cure for bloggers block/tired writer syndrome.  Just write a post that says "I'm going silent" and BAM! the ideas start flowing and won't be contained.

For instance, I've been pondering for days the plethora of bad driving happening around me these days.  I realize that I can be, too, a bad driver.  I work at not being a bad driver but it does happen.  However I have yet to pass someone in a turnout...literally the car being passed was still driving on the road and the car doing the passing was in the turnout.  I have yet to get into a right turn only lane, only to deliberately go straight, through a red light, to beat the traffic up the hill, then down the hill to the (wait for it) red light.  It is a miracle that there aren't more car accidents in a day.  We really should have more of a fear of driving than a fear of flying.  Just sayin'.

There are also the little gems of youth ministry that I'm tucking away in the memory bank.  Like yesterday's pool party where Joe Suavo pushed multiple youth into the pool.  One tried to retaliate and attempted 3 times to dump a bucket of water over Joe Suavo's head.  It didn't completely work.  Joe Suavo managed to dump the bucket on said youth member each time, to which this 8th grade boy finally spluttered out from amongst the waterfall gushing off his head "You're just a big meanie!".  The howls of laughter felt good.

Maybe the blog post should be about the Mom who approached me after VBS yesterday with kids in tow and said "Every morning in our car there is a debate about whether the song says 'peace like a river' or 'geese like a river' ".   We decided peace made much more sense.

Another potential topic could be the impending date of my departure as Youth Director and impending entrance into the world of the unemployed.  People keep asking what I am planning on doing and all I can think about is taking a break, going on vacation, doing nothing.  I'm actually beginning to feel a little stressed because I'm not stressed about finding a job.  I did get a start on my resume and even got some resume counseling tonight from one of the young adults.  Just can't get too worked up about not having a job...yet.  Not having health insurance, yeah that one is beginning to become a little bit of a worry.

Yep, the bloggers block/tired writer syndrome seems to have abated for today.

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