Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just going to dinner

Yo Momma, G.G. and I went to dinner last night.  Fresh Choice was the choice.  :) 

When I sat down, I noticed a man sitting at a table with papers all around him.  It reminded me of someones office, which I found kind of strange at Fresh Choice on a Friday night.  I didn't ponder it much and went about enjoying my Fettuccine Chicken Noodle Soup...I love that soup!

Sometime later the man was joined by another man who was talking on his cellphone--which was on speakerphone.  His conversation started to get louder and louder with the person on the other end trying to remain calm.  There was a family with 2 kids at the table right next to this guy and yet still he was getting louder and louder until all of a sudden he says loud and clear "Well the s***heads down at the county office told me to file this piece of paper!!".

With that a gentleman at the table next to me was out of his chair and storming across the restaurant to the man on the phone.  I tried really hard not to stare as the gentleman looked at the guy on the phone and said "This is a restaurant, not your office.  Watch your language and keep it down.".

Guy on the phone was much quieter after that.  The family at the table next to them visibly relaxed and the gentleman came back to his table.  We made eye contact and I simply said, "Thank you" because he really did need to know that other people in the restaurant appreciated his actions.

The moral of the story...don't treat a restaurant like your business office...and don't mess with gentlemen who aren't afraid to confront rude behavior.

Just a quiet night at dinner with Yo Momma and G.G.  Chivalry isn't dead.

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