Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Like Lightening?

We were supposed to be heading Northeast today for Thanksgiving with Lil Bro, New Sis and Miss P.  A slight malfunction at home means we are staying home for Thanksgiving.  (Everyone is okay, just a house problem.)  That change of plans changed my plans for a little pre-craziness-of-Black-Friday-shopping.

After my chiropractic appt with K today, I was planning on heading down to two stores.  One to pay a bill, another to buy a Christmas gift.  School are out, which meant that Creative Guy was just going to hang around the office this morning as K and N worked.  After hearing that I was free for the morning, K asked if Creative Guy could hang out with me.  It was not a problem!

We stopped at Jamba Juice, enjoying a smoothie, some Pop Chips and a free sample of KettleKorn.  Creative Guy REALLY liked the KettleKorn.  Then down the road to stop number one.  In between talking with Creative Guy, watching the road and watching the guy in the car behind me, I took a turn a little too fast, which in the race car can be a fun thing!  As we were coming out of the turn I said "Uh oh!  The race car wants to go a little fast today!  It's been driving these slow roads for way too long, it wants to go faster."  Creative Guy responded with "Yeah!  It feels like it's speeding!".  He was laughing, so I took that as a good sign.  A few seconds later he piped up again, "I wish we had this car, then we would get to Filmore faster."  A child after my own heart.

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