Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taking a stroll along the job posting road

There are several sites that I frequent these days.  They all have job postings in common.  Sometimes the things that I read there are very amusing.

Greenpeace is a big employer these days.  Their headlines always have fun little asterisks and exclamation points throughout.  **Save the whales! FT!**  Usually the slogan "Be the change" accompanies those items.

There are plenty of other groups using asterisks and exclamation points to draw your eyes to their listing.  **Fight____!  FT/PT! *$10-12/hr*!**  It does draw my eye...just not my attention for long.

Chipotle! is hiring! everywhere!  They are pretty aggressive with their job postings as well.  Daily there are notices about the "Job fair!  Saturday!" and in case you forgot it's at "Chipotle!". 

 One of my favorite job postings is the Medical Marijuana Drivers or Consultants listings.  Yep...that's one I will be avoiding.

Most postings are pretty straight forward.  "Administrative Assistant", "Sales Manager", "Graphic Designer".  These kinds of postings I get.  I understand what they are saying.

Then there are the ones that are a little more complex.  "Administrative Assistant II"--does that mean it's the second level?  Not executive?  Not entry?  What's the "II" mean?    While we are on that subject, what is an "Office Specialist"?  Do you have to have some extra knowledge of Microsoft Office?  I found out that it's just a fancy title for Administrative Assistant.  "Assembler, Icer".  That one sounds dangerous!  WAIT, it's for a bakery as in assembling and icing cakes! Oooohhhh...maybe I should go back to school for culinary arts...if I can just bake.  I don't really want to cook.  

I could go be a sign waver/dancer.  Or maybe a part time seasonal bell ringer.  Hmmm...if I was really daring I'd try out for the bad girls club...it's a TV show, I swear!  On the Oxygen network or something.  I could get paid to do a study about shopping.  Something about those links always make me a little nervous though.  How do I know they are legit? 

If I was better with numbers, I could have a job in a flash.  There are lots of requests for Accounts Payable staff or Payroll Specialists.  Same goes for Web Developers, Gamers and anyone who knows what iOS, Java/PHP, Analog IC, CNC or NOC means.  (There are more, my head just started spinning and I had to stop.) 

Yep, there are a lot of jobs out there with some pretty interesting descriptions.  I wonder, if I got really good at deciphering all the job postings, would someone pay me to tell them what they mean?

**Don't forget Chipotle!  Now hiring!  Job fair this Saturday!**

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