Friday, December 30, 2011

Around the table

There were 12 around the table, not including me.  12 that span the range of my youth career really.  There were the ones that were in the first group and the ones were in the last group.  There were many missing but these 12 represented 11 years of my life as youth director.

I sat back for a moment and took a few pictures with my phone but mental pictures as well.  I listened to them laugh and chatter.  I listened to conversations flow back and forth and it felt good.  One of them looked up at one point and said "we need to make this an annual thing!".  I'm pretty sure that can be arranged.

Sitting around the table tonight, I was reminded of the good that has come into my life from following God...and vowed to hang on, to continue to follow God down this winding road. 

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