Friday, December 30, 2011

A birthday post

Last Spring a friend gave me a gift that changed my life.  I remember opening that gift in my car and sobbing.  A simple act paved the way for the leap of faith that needed to happen and that I had been trying to put off for a long, long time for many different reasons.  That one gift lead to a big decision and I haven't looked back.

Tonight I sat across the table from a couple of good friends (who have also been a huge part of some life changing moments in my life), next to a 4 year old friend who is so precious I can't stand it, down the table from a 12 year old friend who has a smile that lights up the room and celebrated my life-changing friend. 

Much has happened in her not-so-many years on earth.  I've only walked through a few of those years with her.  But I'm grateful for for those few years.  I'm grateful her friendship, for her smile, her generosity of heart and fierce protection.  I'm grateful for the random notes, pictures and texts that she sends and her willingness to receive some pretty interesting ones from me!  I'm grateful for the fact that she is a survivor, a fighter, a mama bear, a fragile woman with a core of steel, a woman of faith and one who inspires me to just keep moving even when life feels like it's shattering around me.  I am blessed to call her my friend, a sister of my heart.

Happy Birthday, my friend.  Love, love, love you!  :)

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