Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I do not take after Uncle Pat

Papa Bear tells a story every so often about my Uncle Pat.  He's one of Papa Bear's best friends and as long as I can remember I've called him Uncle Pat...though sometimes not to his face.  Anyway, there are a plethora of stories about Uncle Pat.  He lives life to the fullest...when he's not working all the time (boo!).  The one story that is told every so often is about Uncle Pat at the casinos. 

I'm probably not going to get all the details but there was one time that Uncle Pat and Papa Bear were at the casino's.  Uncle Pat was doing quite well at whatever he was playing, up several hundred dollars.  Papa Bear, knowing Uncle Pat, tried to convince him to hand over some of the money for safe keeping.  Uncle Pat refused and wound up losing all of it.  His mantra after that was "easy come, easy go".  I do not take after Uncle Pat.

G.G. and I headed to the casinos to play her $6 in quarters.  We seldom go to the casinos but when G.G. said she had quarters for the casinos, I knew we had to make a stop.  They don't take quarters anymore, BTW, so I cashed in her quarters for bills and we sat down at the penny slots.  I put my five dollars in (my own, not hers), she put her 1 dollar in and we were off.  Within a minute my machine started making that sound that says "you've won!".  I hadn't figured out all the details on the machine and didn't know how much I had won but the sound just kept going...past 10 dollars, past 20 dollars, past 30 dollars, past 40, past 50...I scanned the machine looking for anything that would tell me what I had just won...and then I saw "7325".  Wow!  $73.25

I'll tell you, right now how casino's make money.  It's on people who can't resist playing after they have won money because it was really, really hard to walk away from that place but I did.  After playing a few more machines I walked out with $66 more dollars than I had walked in with.  G.G. won a buck sixty five and we stayed only 20 minutes from the time we walked in the door til the time we walked out.  Lunch is on me tomorrow, G.G.!

Easy come, I easy go!

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