Friday, March 21, 2008

Adventure Boy

Today was my Friday Date with Adventure Boy. The last few Fridays Adventure Boy has been a little crabby and fussy. I chalk it up to teething but it hasn't made for the most wonderful Friday's ever. Today, though, today Adventure Boy was feeling good.

I needed to make a trip to the local office supply store, so we headed to SC. Adventure Boy was great as we walked into the store. He was content to wander up and down the aisle as I carefully considered laptop carrying cases (and really wished that there were some in cool colors like pink!). He was helpful and brought me calendar refills for the daytimer I don't have but then decided he needed to get a little more adventurous. I quickly chose my bag and followed him around the displays. That turned into a game, as anything does with a 17 month old. I finally chased him down, scooped him up and purchased my items.

That's when we moved to the store next door. This time he got to ride in a cart. I pushed him around the store as he looked at item after item, reached out his hand, opening and closing his fist and said "er go ma ma**" aka "I really want that item and think you should give it to me to put in the cart." It's so stinkin' cute! He didn't get his way though!

On the way home I decided that I was going to defy the antibiotic "stay out of the sun" warning and put the top down on the convertible. We were driving up a hill when I caught sight of these little arms sticking up in the air in the back seat. Adventure Boy had his arms up, like you would do on a roller coaster, and was enjoying the wind rushing through is fingers. I wish I had a camera on me to capture that moment and show you the joy on his face as he lived in the moment. I am so blessed to have such a cool Friday Date.

**Everyone can be "ma ma" with Adventure Boy. This phrase "er go ma ma" is a typical one for him (here you go ma ma) as is "welcome". My favorite phrase though has been "ook!" as in "look!". Like I said, stinkin' cute!

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