Sunday, March 16, 2008


  • I've been on antibiotics for an infection since Wednesday. They make me feel like my head is on vacation but my body is still here. If I felt like they were doing there job, I wouldn't mind the temporary weirdness. The antibiotics aren't working. Back to the doctor for me!
  • If that weren't enough, today was coffee day and I missed it because of the antibiotics. Not okay. I really missed my caramel mocha this morning.
  • Saturday we held a Golf Tournament to help with the upcoming trip to Mississippi. Early in the week the weather people were forecasting rain, which is always the chance we take in March in CA. It did rain on Saturday but it stopped just before the golfers took the course. YES! We managed to raise enough money to pay our lodging for the week. Hallelujah!
  • The group was also commissioned in church today. During the 1st service I made a joke about paying off this trip for the rest of our lives, very tongue in cheek...though I will be making payments for a few months. After the service I checked my mailbox at church and there was a check in there for $1000.00.! That takes care of the rental car and food. I'm constantly amazed at how God knows what we need and moves on people's hearts to get things done.
  • I filed my taxes on Monday and spent the money on Friday. Well, I spent the money that has yet to arrive. Wish I could say it was for something more exciting than new tires, alignment, serpentine belt and an oil change. Really, really wish it could have been on something more exciting.
  • In Bible Study we've been talking about how we add things to the Bible that aren't really there. As in, Eve tempting Adam with the apple. First off, we don't know if it was an apple and secondly there is nothing in there that says Eve tempted anyone. There's a lot more but my point is I picked up a book on Friday that I've been wanting to read for awhile and within the first chapter the author was talking about this very subject. I love it when God draws all these things together to make me think, grow and shift my view of who God is. Awesome!
  • I'm not a pet person, never have been really. Today, though, I almost brought home a puppy. It was so calm, cute and cuddly. I scooped it up, held it and felt myself thinking "Oh, I like you." I came to my senses but it took awhile! Yep, that was a close one.
  • One week from today at this time I will be on a plane heading for New Orleans and Pearlington, MS. One week people!

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