Sunday, March 23, 2008

And we're off

It is 1:30am Louisiana time. Thanks to the nice folks at the La Q hotel, we have free internet, which means I can tell you about our trip so far.

Our journey through the SF airport was pretty easy, though security takes forever. We've picked up some sourdough bread for Ben, thought that would be a nice gift. Southwest made boarding a breeze and the flight attendants quickly became our friends, thanks to Debbie and Gail handing them chocolate everytime they passed by.

The flight attendant on our 2nd leg was just as nice, handing us extra snacks and a deck of playing cards. Very cool. Though Gail and Debbie took so much time getting off the plane the pilots were yelling at us to move faster! They wanted to get to their hotel too!

Rental car was a breeze...though I could really empathize with the adults from a UMC church who were not having an easy time renting their vehicles. Their students were milling about the lobby, adding to the chaos. I was happy to rent my vehicle and leave. There were so many mini-vans to choose from that we car hopped three times! Hopefully we picked out a good one.

And here we are at the hotel ready to put our heads on our pillows and get some rest. We've got an hour drive into Pearlington tomorrow. I've been told that once we get there our first job will be putting in 2 handicap ramps, which could mean pouring concrete....we've done that before!

Thanks to all who are praying, keep it up!

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B said...

im glad to hear that your trip thus far has gotten off to a smoother start than your last one!
hope it keeps going that way!
im a little pressed for time tonite, i got homework due in like... 12 min so i cant leave an epic comment but i hope you guys have a great trip
happy easter to all of you on the trip!
god bless