Monday, March 31, 2008


My mind is racing with all of the things that we experienced in Mississippi. I tend to need a few days to process all that was seen, heard and experienced, so as the days go by I'll share a little bit more. For now, here are some tidbits to tide you over!
  • We used over 500 pounds of cement to set 15 or so posts and repair a 3 foot by 3 foot section of sidewalk. I mixed a bunch of that myself in a wheelbarrow with a shovel. That is a good arm workout.
  • Of those 15 posts, 5 of them were posts that were previously set incorrectly and needed to be redone.
  • We put in two sets of stairs and two ramps. One ramp was 48 feet long the other about 15 feet.
  • We raked out a load of rock on a driveway...another good arm workout and a great way to get blisters, even with gloves on.
  • David told the guys that he "wouldn't mess with these women" meaning Yo Momma, Debbie and me. We took it as the compliment it was meant to be.
  • Since the storm Pearlington has lost 23 of it's older residents. That's a little under 1 person a month. For a town that has shrunk to less than half it's size before the storm, that's too high of a number.
  • Too much money is going missing in some of the groups that have been helping with the recovery efforts. One gentleman we worked for in December is waiting on half of his kitchen cabinets to come in, but the money promised for them has disappeared. So this 82 year old man is still living in his trailer while his house is at a standstill. And that's just one story, there are many more just like it.

Pictures coming soon.

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