Monday, June 16, 2008


This weekend Cal Fire put out a sketch of a "person of interest" that they would like to talk to about the fire in these here mountains. They are quick to say they just want to talk with this individual but our curiosity has been raised. The idea that someone may have started this fire on purpose is floating through the minds of those in the community. It's very sad.

As of 7pm tonight the fire has been fully contained. There have been three injuries, though I'm not sure how severe they were. Over 500 firefighters have fought this blaze. I've seen trucks from Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and L.A. County as well as all the local groups. The helicopters and air tankers have gone on to other places and tonight the cost for fighting this blaze the last 5 days has reached 4.9 million dollars. 4.9 million. Ugh.

I am grateful for the firefighters, for their hard work, their love and dedication to their job and for coming from long distances to help our community. I'm grateful that no lives were lost and praying for those who have lost their homes. And I'm praying that this was just an act of nature, not the result of someones carelessness or evil intent.

I'm also aware that there are other fires that continue to rage. That there are floods in other parts of the country. And in another country there are men and women fighting a seemingly endless war. Tonight life seems just a little heavier than usual.

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