Sunday, June 29, 2008

A rant

I am so tired of email forwards. They drive me insane. Partly because I get the same things a bajillion times and partly because usually there is something in the forwarded email that says "email this to your 100 best friends or you will surely die!". Okay, I'm exaggerating but seriously forwards drive me nuts.

The other day Aunt C sent me a forward that she was troubled by and asked for my response. The next day Papa Bear got the same forward from another source. We've talked in length about the forward because first off it's overtly racist and secondly it bugs us!

The forward tries to draw comparisons between the response to Hurricane Katrina and the response to the Midwest Floods. The main point of the email is to point out differences between the "white folk" and the "black folk". Totally unfair, totally racist and it hit a nerve in this house.

If you get the same forward I urge you to purge it, to not continue the circle of bigotry and hate. It's two different circumstances and totally unfair to try and compare I think we've all learned a lot from the response from Hurricane Katrina and are trying to change the system. So, there's my rant for the day. Tune in tomorrow...there might be another one!

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doctorj2u said...

And when the people of Iowa are left to clean up the mess from the floods these people won't be anywhere to to found. Forgotten. If only the people of the Gulf South could be so lucky to be left in peace from these horrible people.