Friday, June 13, 2008

Fire, Graduations and Goodbyes

The plume of smoke has disappeared to be replaced by a haze and slight smell of smoke. We're becoming accustomed to the sound of helicopters and planes, flying overhead. In this community, the sound of a helicopter usually alerts us to an life or death situation, someone being life-flighted out (is that a word?). Now the sound is a reminder that there are firefighters tromping through woods working to contain a fire that has destroyed 10 homes and driven over 1000 out of their homes. The local market has a bulletin board set up where people can be seen congregating, getting the most up-to-date news. And in the midst of all of this the local High Schools and Middle Schools are holding Graduations.

I spent the evening at one of those Graduations, cheering for the 5 students who have been a part of the youth group over the years. I'm getting ready to head out for the 2nd Graduation to cheer on another 7 students. It's exciting to share in the celebrations but a part of me is very, very sad. Some of the students graduating have been in youth group since 6th grade, others only the last year but they've all captured a little piece of my heart. Goodbye is never ever easy.

Yikes! It's later than I thought! Time to pack up Adventure Boy (who's with me for the day) and head out to the sun and the haze. Thanks for praying for the firefighters. I'm certainly grateful for their hard work!

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