Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flea Market

This weekend was the first of two Flea Market Fundraisers for the youth and our next Mississippi Trip. I am not a fan of Flea Market Fundraisers. Not. a. fan. I don't like people who try and bargain already low prices down to nothing. No, I am not going to sell that book for 10 cents instead of 25 cents. Hello does the word fundraiser mean anything? Seriously.

We've been doing these for years now. In fact the church now has a flea market season, May through September, once a month. We have regular vendors as well...which is part of why I don't like the Flea Market Fundraisers very much. The regular who always, always, always complains about something. Always tells us how we should be doing things, not realizing they are the biggest offender of all the suggestions!

My cohort in Flea Markets loves to gather other peoples *ahem* treasures to sell as part of the fundraiser. We always wind up with a bunch of lovely items and then the other millions of things. Amongst those other things are usually a couple of items that are the bane of our existence. Like the desk that we lugged up and down the stairs one year or the stationary bike that we've had for three sales now and nary an offer. This year looking at that stationary bike we got smart. Enough of trying to sell this thing, let's just put a free sticker on it and see what happens! And that desk?? We'll try to sell it cheap, cheap, cheap and then mark it free later in the day. Guess what. They both went! Hall-le-lu-jah!! We gave away the bike but sold the desk and at the end of the day wound up with a whopping $550 selling other peoples *ahem* treasures.

Add to that the space rentals and food sales and our little group wound up with $1500!! Half will go towards our next trip to Pearlington (in December) and the other half to Scholarships for the youth. While my dislike of Flea Market Fundraisers is still present, I will grudgingly say that it's worth the effort...after the fact.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Hi Brittany,

Here's St. Casserole

She's the pastor of a church just up the road from the one you visit in December. Hers was destroyed in Katrina and they are trying to rebuild now.

If you had time to meet up, I know you two would probably hit it off!

trinity said...

I am with you. I.hate.them.

I am glad that you made the $$$

But I understand your pain.