Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If you aren't so excited about the President Elect, don't read this post.

The last few years Papa Bear has become Mr. Political. Yo Momma and I have had to reign him more than once to keep the peace amongst Papa Bear and friends with differing opinions. He's been pretty passionate about this election and had a definite idea about who he wanted to see become the next President. We've had some lively conversations in the last few months but I was a little grateful that Papa Bear and Yo Momma weren't going to be home when the election results came in...just in case it didn't go his way. As it turns out they were in Washington D.C., last night, with Bad Duck and his lovely wife who have the same political views as Papa Bear.

I wouldn't have been home last night yet all day I was plauged by a migraine. That sneaky thing just wouldn't go away no matter what I did. So my Chiropracter (aka K) took me to task for being a martyr and made me call in replacements for last nights youth group. Which meant last night at 8pm PST I was home on the couch. Watching TV.

As most of you know the news stations called the election pretty quickly after 8pm PST. At 8:07pm PST my cellphone rang, followed within mere seconds by the home phone. I have caller ID on my cellphone picked it up knowing that it was Yo Momma's phone. Her jubilant voice came over the line and my reply was "Is Papa Bear calling me on the other line?" My question was quickly answered when his voice came booming over the machine "Get out of bed! Answer the phone!". For a few seconds I had both phones up to my ears and both parents laughing excitedly. Neither one of them knew that the other was calling me. I have crazy parents. Papa Bear won the phone contest and we talked until he started getting teary watching people on TV getting teary. Just a big ole softy. I love that guy.

Listening to President Elect Obama's acceptance speech last night I was really impressed with one line in particular. It resonated with me. "I will listen to you, especially when we disagree." I really, really hope that this President Elect lives up to that promise.

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