Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just whining

I like the concept of extra days off. Really I do. I don't like the work load that comes with those extra days off. It's annoying. Add to that 3 sick days and viola! a whole mess of work that now needs to be completed in a shortened amount of time. Add in the frustration mentioned yesterday (multiplied by several other people today) and a cough that strikes in the middle of conversations and you will find that I am not fit for human company. I needs to get over this soon! Middle School students descend in 30 minutes!

What would really help right now is about 20 minute walk. But it's dark and cold and rainy outside and that's not gonna happen. BUT in another week or so there will be a lovely treadmill at the garage at home on which I can walk away my stress and worries while watching a fabulous episode of Friends on DVD. Okay I think I just cheered myself up.

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