Thursday, November 20, 2008


Last week I felt a little icky. Seeing as how I had a Bridal Shower to host last Sunday I knew that I couldn't afford to be sick and fought it off...until Monday. Monday I awoke with a raw throat and knew that it was my turn to be sick. K had it a couple weeks ago, Jon-boy had it, Opinionated Friend had something similar, everyone around me seemed to have some variation of the cold.

I survived Monday but packed a bag from work Monday night with stuff to do at home in case I decided to stay home. Tuesday morning there was no option. I was sick. I was in bed all day. Tuesday night my chest started feeling really tight and I had a hard time getting a full breath. Chest congestion meds and a hot shower helped but it wasn't a pleasant night. Wednesday morning was worse but luckily I have the best mom in the world who fetched some lovely medicine and by Wednesday night I was breathing easier. But still coughing and stuffy but better.

Today I have pulled out my computer and am getting some work done but I'm not moving very fast or very far. Being sick is no fun but I'm certainly glad that there are people who can cover for me when I am...not to mention all those sick days I have stored up!

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Meg said...

You may have missed RAW. But raw (throat) found you. You can rest but you can't get away. =)