Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Updated: Warning: Extremely disturbing post to follow discretion advised

This morning I was walking to the front door when I spotted a disturbing sight.  Sitting on the old sewing machine are two of the many Isabel Bloom angels that Yo Momma has gifted me with over the years, usually for my birthday or Christmas or when she gets back from her bike ride in May...cuz the mothership of Isabel Bloom just happens to be in Davenport, Iowa where our family and friends are!  If you aren't familiar with Isabel Bloom just click on her name and you will find out what I'm talking about.  They aren't for everyone, but I love them.

Anyway, I easily have over 20 Isabel Bloom angels and friends and have had to find creative places to put them.  Space is limited around here.  They have had a great home on the sewing machine since Christmas...or so I thought.  This morning I was horrified to see this:

Yes, my friends, that is a headless angel.  Now, I have no idea when this happened.  It could have happened awhile back or it could have happened yesterday, that's not the issue.  The issue is that there is a headless angel in my house and I wasn't told!  Upon further inspection, not only has the angel been decapitated but one of the birds that she is holding is missing it's head as well.  Upon further, further inspection I found there to be no, I repeat, no remnants of said birds head or crumbles of grey cement upon the floor,  Very suspicious.

There is an angel and bird be-header in my midst, my friends, and I am on a mission to find them out!

Update:  If you read the comments you will find that this person: 

was the culprit...or the version of this person who lives in my house.  Mystery solved!  :)

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is 'Mr Clean' didn't get rid of the evidence. A new angel is on the way, or at least will be soon.

Yo, Momma