Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A dotty Tuesday post

  • Left my cell phone sitting on a chair at home.  Realized it as I was heading out of town for work.  Oh well.
  • Florescent lighting really highlights the grey (gray?) in hair.  I do not like it.  No man to wash out of my hair...gonna wash the grey (gray?) right out.
  • Survived my first rainy day commute.  I am not a fan.  If I didn't have appointments or meetings before or after work this week, I would be taking the bus.  
  • Ben deserves Courtney and Courtney deserves Ben.  Lindzi dodged a bullet.
  • This office building that I'm in is interesting.  There are random groups that come in to use the conference rooms every week.  Yesterday was the four guys with the one tall blond woman.  The guys were drooling.  It was such a cliche.  She was nice, though.
  • Guys talk really, really loud when they are trying to impress a woman.  The walls are thin, gentlemen, tone it down!
  • The pants I am wearing today are too big at the waist.  I believe this is their last day of work.
  • Speaking of work, I had better get to it!  Hope your day is great!

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