Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh yes, it's Tuesday

Randomness abounds in my brain today.  Want proof?  Here goes:

  • Why, oh why, do people insist on calling the roundness of a pregnant woman's tummy a "baby bump".  Totally dumb phrase.  I'm ready for it be gone.
  • Same with the phrase "baby daddy".  Use it and I automatically take points off.
  • Lionel Richie songs from the 80's are just fine.  Lionel Richie songs from the 80's redone by Lionel Richie and Country Singers are not fine.
  • The 2 inch circle of flesh that was ripped off my heel by my new, cute shoes last week make it impossible to wear any of my go-to-the-office type shoes with heels.  Good thing I have the other new cute shoes without heels.  
  • I'm pretty sure that God or the universe (pick one) keeps trying to remind me that I'm NOT the business wear type girl.  The new, cute shoe fiasco was one reminder.  The fuzzy sweater remnants getting all over my black blazer this morning is another.  I already feel like I'm faking it in this new job, do I really need clothes and shoe hassles as well?
  • The driver's seat incident of two weeks ago has rendered me reliant on the generosity of Papa Bear and Yo Momma.  I've been driving whatever car they can do without.  Like I don't, already, owe them enough.
  • HOWEVER!  The driver seat incident of two weeks ago may soon be over thanks to Papa Bear (who is doing the work) and Pastor Bruce at New Church. Pastor Bruce is a salvage yard aficionado.  He found a new/used seat for me today.  Yay!  Such a blessing.
  • I leave for Joplin, Missouri on Saturday for a week of Tornado Relief work with New Church youth.  I'm excited, can't believe it's here already and feeling like I'm cheating on Pearlington a little.
My lunch break is officially over...so enough blogging for now!  Back to work!

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