Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is it really only Wednesday?

I've been driving to work all week.  I think I've said that recently on this blog.  I can't remember.  I could look.  I'm not going to.  (Can you tell I'm tired?)

It started raining on Tuesday and hasn't really stopped since.  It's good.  We need the rain.  It does feel ironic that we are getting more rain now then we have had all winter long and winter technically ends next week.  But I digress.

Tuesday morning it was slow going.  Tuesday afternoon it was slow going.  This morning it was slow going.  Anyone noticing a pattern.  Tonight I checked a traffic website about 30 minutes before I left work and it seemed like it would slow going on the way home as well.  I mentally prepared myself for a long drive home.  I didn't prepare myself for car malfunctions.

Before I even got to the car I dropped my cell phone, couldn't get my umbrella out of the holder, nor open, got in the car and couldn't get the umbrella closed then closed the door on my jacket.  Reopening the door I pulled my jacket free, closed the door, leaned back to get my jacket out from under me and wound up lying flat as the driver seat recliner thingy broke.  It just broke, as in the seat will no longer sit up.  Crap, crap, crappity, crap, crap!

I am resourceful and the Lightening McQueen booster seat that Creative Guy picked out was in it's usual spot.  I wedged it between the drivers seat and the back seat so that I could drive and got on the road.

It was on the way home, as I started thinking about how much this repair might cost that I started to feel worn out and beaten down.  New tires and getting the brakes checked were on my list of things to do with my tax refund money (Thank you GOD for a tax refund).  I guess one of those will have to wait (the tires, they aren't that bad yet). Just when I felt like I was getting ahead. Oh and that was AFTER I found the crack in the sole of my Dansko's.  So that's where the water was getting in.  Lovely.

Off to research pick 'n' pulls.  I've got a busy weekend ahead of me.

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